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About Us

Aswaatul Qurraa is an online portal into the beautiful world of the Quran. It primarily aims to enhance the learning process of every individual, on their journey of memorizing the divine Word of Allah. Through the mercy of Allah, the site was established to satisfy a desperate need of our Huffaadh - the need for mp3 tracks of the Quran, split into smaller collections of Aayaat, that facilitate easy audio-memorization i.e. learning through listening.

As a result, mp3 tracks of the Quran are now available, in a variety of Forms

  • The 30 Parts of the Quran – each mp3 track contains a complete recitation of a single Juz/Para of the Quran.

  • The 114 Chapters of the Quran – each mp3 track contains a complete recitation of a single Surah of the Quran.

  • The Quarter Juz – the 30 parts of the Quran divided further, so that each mp3 track contains only a quarter of a single Part of the Quran.

  • Page by Page – each mp3 track contains the recitation of a single page of the Quran (yes, you can open to ANY page of the Quran and download it in a single mp3 track).

The variety of options offered caters for every individual according to their ability to memorize.

The Aswaatul Qurraa website also has a number of books available, ranging from the Quran to interesting works of Quranic literature, all of which can be downloaded – for free!

What’s more? We now have a Quran Learning Section that is specifically tailored for those who are beginning to learn the recitation of the Quran. It is filled with audio clips and visual resources that are easily accessible and understandable, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

We’ve also included a Mutashabihat Section. This section aims to aid you in memorizing the Quran, by helping you to identify those special Aayat which closely resemble each other - making it easy for you to retain and reflect over the miraculous Words of Allah.

Aswaatul Qurraa is your one-stop site for all those who aspire to memorize, understand, apply and love the speech of their Creator, the Holy Quran.

So explore our portal without further delay and with the blessings of Allah, you’ll enjoy your stay. We hope you benefit from all we convey - kindly remember us every time you pray

Our Journey

An Idea Is Born 21 May 2011

Our journey begins. Allah inspires us with the idea of splitting audio files of the Quran into smaller parts to facilitate memorization of The Quran through listening

Our Domain Is Purchased 14 December 2012

We are inspired to create a website to share our unique audio collection of MP3 Quran. The name Aswaatul Qurraa which translates into "The Voices of The Reciters" is chosen and we purchase the domain.

Our Website Is Launched 15 February 2013

The Aswaatul Qurraa website is launched. A simple design yet the first of it's kind in terms of content - MP3 Quran in Parahs, Quarters and Pages.

A Poem Is Penned 25 December 2016

We look for ways of promoting our website. The idea of getting a nasheed made comes to mind. Abdullah bin Majed composes a beautiful poem which is to be used as lyrics for the nasheed

Our Nasheed Is Made 2 September 2017

The world-renowned munshid, Muhammad al Muqit, releases our signature nasheed. This is an emotional time and our growth is accelerated. A new design of the website is also released with the addition of the mutashabihat section.

A New Era 26 September 2021

Much needed improvements are made to the website. A new, dedicated team takes over. And so, the Aswaatul Qurraa journey continues...

A Treasure Box

What's a treasure box like without its jewels?
Its keys hidden behind countless duels...
Its pearls scattered, strewn through various oceans,
Enjoyed emphatically by isolated individuals...
Strenuous is its acquiring, difficult is its finding,
But gather them altogether, and its rewards will be blinding....
Every avenue would open, every doorway would expand,
The bounties will never end, and the flight to fortune will never land
The rarity of its adornments is commonly grieved,
Coz' from it, entire successes in life, and after, are weaved...
Quran is the box, the jewels are its intricate branches,
Knowledge acquisition are the keys with which the success launches ...
And now, after a long, arduous striving through treacherous avenues,
The box, its jewels, keys and adornments were combined in one vault...
This is definitely an opportunity for which you should never lose,
Otherwise your lift-off to success will experience a halt...
This vault is accessible to all, yet obstacled by many simple locks,
14 keys are required, but are at the fingertips of every seeker.

Each key, in a keyboard it is, in front of every computer box,
If anyone lets this opportunity to go by-
his life will only become meeker...
Each key pressed will bring you closer to the Quran's core,
The letters spell out- ASWAATUL QURRAA,
A website designed to present the purity of the Quran,
A website designed to break the back of shaytaan...
With tajweed laws, mutashaabihaat verses and
everything for the huffaaz's ease,
It also has tilaawah updates and numerous
qurraa voices to get you shaking at the knees...
Everything linked to the Quran---
do you think you can take the heat???!,
It also has its own trademark nasheed sung by
the legendary Muhammed al Muqeet...
Pay this website a visit- and definitely you'll never regret,
Some enjoyment linked to the Qur'aan you would certainly get...
Whether you are in Beijing or Honolulu..............


Aswaatul Qurraa is intended to enhance the learning process for aspirant Huffaadh and at the same time is meant as a tribute to those who love reciting and listening to the Quran

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